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Submitted on
March 19, 2012
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Maybe this wasnt a good idea after all...why ? Why right me ?...
Richter and Maria are now ok. My father is dead once more, soo is his cursed castle.............What now ?
What shall become of me ? My body will never age...Cursed be me! Why couldnt I been like Trevor or Richter ? All what I had to do is fight the forces of darkness...But beyond that, I shall have no purpose at all...until my father comes back.
Being the Prince of Darkness is a terrible curse above a man's soul. Ohhh...I shall never taste the goods and odds of a mortal's life...Short, but better at the same time.
I could taste the food, the water and all the pleasures of men...
But for me, is over. I shall not return to sleep once again. Its better if I just dissapear from sight...The Son of Darkness shall not continue his eternal legacy of fight off the evil. This is Belmont's duty...
.....Maria came to me...she said that...only I could help the Belmonts to kill my father once for all. My father will return in 100 years or less...but something MUST be done.
I will travel through the world, studing where no man deared...facing what the mortal eyes cant see...make the impossible possible...Destroy my father's soul and castle once for all...Good bye, My love...My Maria...who melted the heart of this damned by God one.


- It is done.
- You sure ?
- Yes...we both saw the end of the war of 1000 years...
- Resumed in blood and flesh dropped in the name of the innocents.
- The curse of Dracula in the world is done forever.
- But his power remain in the Eclipse. Soon or later it will look for it's missing part.
- We will be ready until there.
- That's what I hope, Alucard...
- Alucard is the name of my own...for the mortal's eyes, my new name is...Genya Arikado. Now its time for the good bye, my friend.
- I will have to erase my own mind in order of hold the pressure.
- Yes...but it will return once you touch the walls of that castle once again.
- Good luck, my friend, Son of Darkness...
- Good bye, Julius...
Hey there! This story is sort that looking at Alucard's side of life.
Its a little short, yeah, but I guess that it was the intention ^^;
Well, to those who play Castlevania, you got all the references.
The ones who dont, Alucard is the son of Dracula. Now, PLAY THE GAMES ! :iconepicstareplz:
Zombie-X-Parade Apr 5, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
woahhh i lovee this :D
guilhermehank Apr 5, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
and Scaler brought you here
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